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Mumbai Masala Licensed Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

Treat your tastebuds at our Indian restaurant in Papamoa Beach

Try our amazing Goat Curry!
Welcome to Mumbai Masala where your tastebuds are treated to all of your favourite Indian food. You will find legendary dishes such as North Indian kormas with their savoury sauces, tandoori dishes, kebabs, tikkas and jalfrezis. All to be complemented by homemade breads such as chappatis, parathas and naans. 
We use only the freshest ingredients so that every mouthful delivers the true taste of Indian cuisine.
Customers treat their tastebuds with the delicious dishes at our Indian restaurant in Papamoa Beach

About our food

If you need any help in deciding where to send your tastebuds next, don't hesitate to ask.  We use a the same traditional 'Tandoor' oven as Indian villagers to cook our tandooris. These mud stoves and clay ovens are fed with coal or firewood to give the food a special smoked flavour. The food is prepared first in a special marinade, then spiked on long metal rods and inserted into the oven for roasting.
Southern India dishes are generally hotter than Northern dishes with a preference for steamed dishes rather than barbecued tandoori. The many combinations of herbs and spices, dating back to ancient times, are what distinguishes Indian cooking from any other cuisine in the world. These herbs and spices are a natural means to balance the metabolism of the body. The origin of the popular aphorism "The Spice of Life" can perhaps be traced to those times.
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